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Just To Be Clear: This is MY Blog !!!

As the title says THIS IS MY BLOG ! My place to vent, brag, gloat and generally get things off my chest. I will write what I want about whomever I want to. If you don’t like reading it don’t, … Continue reading

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What now?

The first obvious step is to get a new job, one I can handle as I certainly couldn’t handle the last one, the one I did not show up for today. My eyes are so bad I cannot look at … Continue reading

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Thinking about Today

As usually in May my mind has been full speed in reverse, I am remember and becoming anxious about all my past mistakes, if you can call them that, failures I suppose would be a better word. Full of questions it … Continue reading

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So first of all I decided not to get involved in managing any more buildings…really isn’t worth the stress and B.S. now that I have a full time job anyway. And I am loving things here being calm and really feeling like home. … Continue reading

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So on a negative note, I find out yesterday that the uppity frak from up north is still stalking me, oh well if all she has is my life to watch so be it. I have nothing to hide. On … Continue reading

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Plans go Awry

So nothing I had planned to do today happened, had to go see my son in London, not that I did as he did a disappearing act. Hopefully he will get his head together soon. I pray for him to. … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

To say my life has been tumultuous lately would be an understatement. The breakup was terrible, my brother re-entered my life and I asked him to leave it again last night, my new friend was also asked to leave after … Continue reading

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