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Renewed Beginnings

So this week I finally got my license back and am driving  again after 6 years.  I am just happy to be able to freely pursue new lines of employment if necessary and make our lives a little easier by … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Past

So I am no longer wondering what may be wrong with me. Now I am just fine. I tried to help my kids, in and out of jail, addicts and I finally stopped kicking myself and stopped allowing them in … Continue reading

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My apologies

I would like to apologize for not being on for a while but there are valid reasons for this. I have received your emails and finally caught up on reading over 200 of them. First bit of news is  I … Continue reading

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Happiness and being OK

As some of you undoubtably know I am 54 years old. Old to some to others not so much. Middle age they used to call it. I certainly don’t feel old most of the time. Oh I have the aches … Continue reading

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The last five months

The last five months of my life have brought many changes, most of them have been for the better. The biggest and most wonderful is that I met a wonderful man, not the richest nor the fanciest but definitely one … Continue reading

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So the packing is coming along just great, of course we have to have a heat-wave hit making the task even more unbearable but it is getting done. Will be moving to the country which is going to be absolutely … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On Exe’s

Funny but more than one conversation I have  had recently made me ponder why many of us give our exe’s way too many chances. I know from experience I am not the only one as many I know do it again and … Continue reading

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