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So the typical day for me is different during the week as I work  12-13 hr days Sat and Sun and a 6+ hr Monday. I sometimes work the other days when needed doing long courier runs or just catching … Continue reading

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The Working World

So after being recruited to work for my old company as  online tech support I was actually put back on ecomm which is fine I suppose but then I am scheduled 3:30-1200 Fri- Tues which is definitely NOT fine. I … Continue reading

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Back to Work

So today I begin a new chapter in my professional life, working on-line tech support for a major Canadian corporation is going to be a challenge but one I am definitely up for. I love learning new things on the … Continue reading

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Life is perfect sometimes

So I got a new job, start training for on-line tech support on Monday and can’t wait to get back to work. It’s not so much the paycheck and benefits as it is feeling my own self-worth again that is … Continue reading

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Work or a Career

I am 54 years old and had a nursing career for some 20+ years. Since leaving nursing I have tried a variety of jobs and while I have enjoyed some of them immensely I have not settled on one that … Continue reading

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Playing Catch-Up

So I have neglected writing for a bit but will try to catch it all up now. The new job starts on the 10th and we have purchased all we need for that venture. Although I must say finding a … Continue reading

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Thinking about Today

As usually in May my mind has been full speed in reverse, I am remember and becoming anxious about all my past mistakes, if you can call them that, failures I suppose would be a better word. Full of questions it … Continue reading

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