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So the typical day for me is different during the week as I work  12-13 hr days Sat and Sun and a 6+ hr Monday. I sometimes work the other days when needed doing long courier runs or just catching … Continue reading

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Renewed Beginnings

So this week I finally got my license back and am driving  again after 6 years.  I am just happy to be able to freely pursue new lines of employment if necessary and make our lives a little easier by … Continue reading

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I Am Not My Past

So I am no longer wondering what may be wrong with me. Now I am just fine. I tried to help my kids, in and out of jail, addicts and I finally stopped kicking myself and stopped allowing them in … Continue reading

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The Promised Share

So as I promised there is a lot I want to share. First and foremost is family…mine is basically non-existent although probably not any more than many others. Since our parents deaths around 10 years ago I have not seen … Continue reading

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My Wonderful Job & Life

So as they did not want to lose me with some amount of back and forth and my supervisors encouragement we worked out a schedule that will work for me for now. I will be working part-time 4:30 – 9:00 … Continue reading

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Wonderful Weekends

So we had my brother out for the weekend to help get the old shed broke down and he impressed us both immensely. As M.S. had a car to work on for my gf he was a little busy to … Continue reading

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My thoughts on LOVE

So after spending time talking with friends and reading several other blogs and of course watching tv and movies about the subject of love I have come to some pretty not so hard to figure out conclusions. So I am invariably … Continue reading

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