Looking After ME

Good Morning 🙂
So last week I’ve had this terrible ocular migraine so I haven’t accomplished a lot in the last four days. Yesterday I took a totally quiet and relaxing day and just looked after my head. That meant not leaving the house, no running around or listening to other people’s troubles at all and spending a great deal of the day listening to quiet music, a hot bath and TV. Most of worked because the headache is 90% better this morning.

It is supposed to be cold and maybe even snow here today but regardless I’m going to take me down to the beach because I love seeing what’s washed up before they get down there for cleanup. I know it’s silly but I like to collect small things, shells, beach rocks and even feathers that I keep in various vases as conversation pieces. And maybe just maybe I’ll spot some wild asparagus or pussy willows  along the way as it should be sprouting any time now. Aside from that I have no big plans for the day. Number one on my agenda has always is doing what makes me happy. I have learned to avoid situations that stress me and getting very good at retraining my thought process. I’m actually finding it easy to have more and the patience with myself that I never had before and that’s making for a happier me. Day to day that changes but the goal is always the same. Tomorrow is going to be a busier day as I have to be in London by 830 for an appointment and while in town will visit with a few people so once again killing more birds with one tank of gas….

I did get a phone call Thursday that telling me my blood work was not so good and that I’m going to need an appointment with a consultant in London which they will arrange and let me know when that will be. It seems to me that every time I have my blood were checked for my thyroid condition, I have Graves’ disease, they find something new. Last year it was the borderline diabetes which I’ve taken care of that by eating better and my sugars are normal now. This time but who knows, I always jumped to the “C” word whenever they tell me the blood tests are bad, been there too many times I guess but it could be any number of things so I’m going to try my best to not think about it until I see the consultant and have a few more test done. Seems my health is always been an issue but now that I’m eating, getting more exercise and sleeping better hopefully that will no longer be the case.

I did have a small, OK the huge rant on here the other night probably because I was distressed that I convinced myself the cancer was back but with the new day I calmed myself and came to the realization that even if it is I’ll deal with it like I always do. Blood tests for cancer are the CBC or complete blood count and if too many are too few of the type of blood cell of found it can indicate cancer but that doesn’t mean that it is for sure. So I will put that to the bottom of my what to stress about today list that I seem to keep very well and worry about it if and when it actually happens.

Whatever happens it sure as hell isn’t gonna kill me, let’s face it I’m surviving whether I like it or not some days so may as well make the days the best that they can be 🙂


About bettywins3

I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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