Modern Day “Adults?”

I love everything about this woman’s attitude I only wish I could meet the lady! As an on-line customer service rep I deal with self- entitled spoiled people every day and let me tell you it is NOT an easy job at the best of times. To give you just an example of the “ladies” &  “gentlemen”  that call us daily. It is not beyond their ways to belittle, berate, name call, swear and be all-round assholes because things did not go their way for once. Maybe their boss or spouse makes them feel that way so they need to get that out on someone. What ever the cause of their tirade I am pretty sure I didn’t do it and I am sure that I did all I could to find resolution for them in a polite and timely manner. I wish I could slam my hands on my desk and yell ” This has got to stop!” to the adults? that I deal with. KUDOS to you and I feel better knowing that at least these 3 people will think before they are so disrespectful in public again.


About bettywins3

I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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