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Total fucking rant

So I was talking with a friend tonight and realized that all I have given up in the last 20 years I should have given up! But then is given up the right phrase? Maybe left behind would be better. … Continue reading

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Here we go again !

So yesterday’s doctors appointment was definitely an eye opener for me, I knew going in that my sugars were off  so that was a shocker as I had only went in for my yearly thyroid blood work. Well I was … Continue reading

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The Promised Share

So as I promised there is a lot I want to share. First and foremost is family…mine is basically non-existent although probably not any more than many others. Since our parents deaths around 10 years ago I have not seen … Continue reading

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My apologies

I would like to apologize for not being on for a while but there are valid reasons for this. I have received your emails and finally caught up on reading over 200 of them. First bit of news is  I … Continue reading

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Powerful Mantras

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I love my life as it is right now <3

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