The Working World

So after being recruited to work for my old company as  online tech support I was actually put back on ecomm which is fine I suppose but then I am scheduled 3:30-1200 Fri- Tues which is definitely NOT fine. I am up by 3 a.m. at the latest and to try to change my sleep pattern over the last two weeks has been impossible for me meaning I am up from at the earlierst 5 until after midnight…obviously this is not going to work for anyone. Last night I then get a msg from my supervisor asking why I missed work without calling on Thurs to which I replied Wed and Thurs are my days off.  He said check the schedule and I am actually scheduled 10-6:30 Sun- Thurs which blew me away so I asked if I could call him, I did and explained that I was totally confused and should I be working that as it would be worlds better for me and all in this household. After asking the manager I was told that was an error so I told the sup that I would need an earlier shift if I were to continue working for this company and after his encouragement I emailed the manage and cc the sups with a request , the first response was asking when I could work I agreed to up until 9 which was denied and I was told that maybe in Sept they could reconsider my shift. I responded at the sups urging that I could do 12-8 with little difficulty and did not recieve an answer by shifts end nor this morning and I have been up most of the night worrying over this so after discussing it with M.S. we agreed to forward the following email to all above and hopefully all will work out for the best for us all.  “Regrettably after talking it over with family I will NOT be returning unless an earlier shift can be found for me, I have been talking with you re earlier shifts and you do not seem able to negotiate this with me at this time. I simply cannot do the job to the best of my abilities if I am overtired. I love this job and am pretty damned good at it too and do NOT want to leave but we have come to the decision that I cannot return at all under these circumstances. Pls understand that I am not an aggressive person by any means and this is definitely not an easy decision for me but I have been trying to modify my sleep pattern to no avail and this is making me ill and that is NOT acceptable to us. Hopefully you can find something more fitting so I can return and work effectively for the company in the future. Looking forward to hearing from you on this matter.”

I am so hoping that changes can be made to let me continue in this job as I really like it and am damned good at it . But after all NO minimum wage job is worth anyones health so if it comes to termination then so be it. I would rather work for a company that values me as a person as well as an employee.  After 54 years I am will not dismiss my personal value as a person to anyone be it in my personal or professional life.

Will keep you posted … hopefully with a pleasant outcome and a new shift with the same company 🙂


About bettywins3

I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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