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What is a friend? What is an acquaintance?

Ok so no meme’s or immogies just plain old english: So many of us have many acquaintances and so few real friends, people we can count on for anything, any time and anywhere.  We all have over 100 facebook friends … Continue reading

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True :)

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My Wonderful Job & Life

So as they did not want to lose me with some amount of back and forth and my supervisors encouragement we worked out a schedule that will work for me for now. I will be working part-time 4:30 – 9:00 … Continue reading

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Wonderful Weekends

So we had my brother out for the weekend to help get the old shed broke down and he impressed us both immensely. As M.S. had a car to work on for my gf he was a little busy to … Continue reading

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The Working World

So after being recruited to work for my old company as  online tech support I was actually put back on ecomm which is fine I suppose but then I am scheduled 3:30-1200 Fri- Tues which is definitely NOT fine. I … Continue reading

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What a wonderful way to start the day :)

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