My “Hometown”

For the last 20+ years I lived in a small town (population 36,000) and could not wait to get the hell out of there. I moved to the town to get away from an abusive ex-husband and my parents lived there and were aging and needing more and more help with daily living. I stayed due to economic issues on my part.

The entire city has a “welfare mentality” about it with some 59% of the population on welfare or ODSP and only 30% holding a GED it is no wonder why. Factor in the many group homes housing the mentally ill now that the new owners of the psychiatric hospital has farmed them out to the community instead of meeting their needs where they should be housed. Most cannot keep a clean home, cannot maintain personal hygiene and do not stay on the prescribed medications they are supposed to. They spend their days at the local drop in centers on the main street or generally pestering and panhandling in front of local businesses.

But to be fair the many small parkettes along the main street are a dusk til dawn hangout for the many single mothers, drug addicts and out of work bums that cannot get in the bars for one reason or another. It’s not that these people cannot work , they don’t want nor have to as all is provided for them by our wonderful government. Although it is not uncommon to see a few welfare moms on a patio having a beer and a smoke gossiping the afternoon away while their toddlers munch on french fries. Worse are the ones who have their toddlers in government paid day care while they “hang out” but come on now they need social lives too as bringing up children is too hard when your on your own and everything is handed to you ! I am sure that will be toned down now that smoking is banned on patios and they will return to the local parkettes. The city in their infinite wisdom is also equipping one of the downtown parkettes with disposal units for the needles they use so they don’t have to walk to the downtown methadone clinic to safely dispose of their garbage.

These are not the demographic I started this blog on but somehow I went there anyway. The greatest problem is that so many in the town think it is “normal” to subsist on welfare or ODSP. Leaching of the system generation after generation, I personally heard one assistance mom advise her daughters to get pregnant right out of high school as it is the best life there is …. all three of them did. They live in housing , own cars and iphones and their children all have the newest in electronics….and they go out to the bars or bingo while the kiddies are in school… kudos to a government that perpetuates this system of deserving individuals who will NEVER earn a damned thing in their lives. They buy beer, but shop at the food banks. They trade prescription drugs for street drugs or sell the prescriptions to buy liquor, this can be seen at any bar in town, just sit there for 15 minutes and it is sure to happen right in front of staff who turn a blind eye to it because these degenerates are their bread and butter.

No wonder there is no self-respect in this generation at all and sadly we are helping another generation of useless, hopeless, self-entitled citizens to thrive in this community and others. Think about if you were a business scouting for locations and come across the loitering and the type of people who are visible on the main street. Would you move your business there ? I think not !

Anyway I am glad to be out of there and I must say my mentality has done a 360 since I left. It is no longer acceptable for me to assist and even encourage this life style, if you can call it that.  If you can buy beer and/or drugs you can pay your hydro bill, if you can turn down a paying job you do not deserve for any social service to support you and if you are not making an effort you do not deserve hand-outs . If you can afford those piercings and tattoos you do not deserve free clothing twice a year for you and your off-spring. No you are NOT too good for that dish-washing job if you are on welfare…..I myself am on my pension and am applying anywhere and everywhere and will be glad of any opportunities I am offered because I have pride, and self worth and am not willing or able to let myself stay on my disability forever, I don’t have to work either but I know what it does to a person and how easily it is to fall into that mind set. I personally cannot live like that and will not encourage or help others to either. Welfare started years ago as a SHORT-TERM solution to a desperate problem NOT a life-style people.

Pull up your socks people, get some self respect and work, go get your GED,  just do something with your lives ffs. Do not let your children grow up thinking this is ok, it is not in so many ways and do you really want them to live your life ?? Think about it !

*statistics were garnered off of the town website


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I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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