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Behaviors of others and and how they effect me.

This is going to be a more prophetic writing  than most of my posts to date as I would like to tackle one a couple of what I feel are the most damaging behaviors humans manifest and how I can better deal … Continue reading

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On Working and Personal Barriers

So I am job hunting again. Loved my last job but due to seasonal low call volume am laid off indefinitely so am pounding the keyboard and the pavement. I do have one lined up starting the 15th of April … Continue reading

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My thoughts on LOVE

So after spending time talking with friends and reading several other blogs and of course watching tv and movies about the subject of love I have come to some pretty not so hard to figure out conclusions. So I am invariably … Continue reading

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On Loss

So the loss of my mothers best friend over the weekend has gotten me thinking. My mother has been gone for 10 years now and my  father for 8 years but I am over that loss. And  the loss of … Continue reading

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Life is Good

Well I have been out of work for one week now and it sucks, was really hoping to hear from the new one Friday but to be realistic they may need a few days to hear back from my references … Continue reading

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We Really Do Make Our Own Happiness

I now know that we all make our own happiness. Unfortunately I think we spend too many of our years thinking that if only we had this job, or this body, or this person, or this wealth then we would be … Continue reading

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