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Busy, busy

Sorry I haven’t written for a while but I have been very busy after surgery on Wednesday I was really not up to much plus I could not wear my glasses until Friday so that left any writing pointless really. I … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On Exe’s

Funny but more than one conversation I have  had recently made me ponder why many of us give our exe’s way too many chances. I know from experience I am not the only one as many I know do it again and … Continue reading

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Good days

So M.S. will be here tonight after work to BBQ once again, poor fellow. Hopefully I can talk him into making his potatoes with the shish-kabobs I am marinating because they were delicious 🙂 Imagine this he texts me just … Continue reading

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Had the best weekend filled with good friends, great food and fantastic times. Can’t say when I have had such a full fulling time. Packed a lot into just 2 days and 3 nights and slept like a baby last … Continue reading

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I am so looking forward to this week-end M.S. is coming in so we can spend some more time together and so he can meet some more of my friends. So far all have liked him so that is good. Will be … Continue reading

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Things are good!

Anyway things are ok here with all the bills caught up and my finances back on track I am feeling more positive every day. I am working part-time grafting and doing some on-line projects for a little cash on the … Continue reading

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New beginnings

Well despite my promise to myself not to date anyone it appears that I may be doing just that. I met a great guy yesterday and went to dinner, a ride on his Honda Goldwing and then to my place for … Continue reading

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