Monthly Archives: May 2014

What now?

The first obvious step is to get a new job, one I can handle as I certainly couldn’t handle the last one, the one I did not show up for today. My eyes are so bad I cannot look at … Continue reading

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Why Rogers communications is the worst!

After two and a half years of nothing but monthly fuck-ups with my bill etc I finally cancelled, or thought I did that is.¬†Guess what! I am on the phone with Rogers, they did NOT cancel my cell on Friday … Continue reading

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Thinking about Today

As usually in May my mind has been¬†full speed in reverse, I am remember and becoming anxious about all my past mistakes, if you can call them that, failures I suppose would be a better word. Full of questions it … Continue reading

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Regrets: Mothers & Sons

So yesterday I had to leave work begging off a sore eye socket because of the biopsy on Wednesday, and while that was true the actual reason was that I just could not handle the calls re: “flowers in the … Continue reading

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