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My fantastic life

So sorry I haven’t been keeping up with you all but I am apparently getting used to the new shift and should be back to my old self again now. I hope to be checking in every day and posting … Continue reading

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I don’t like changes for the most part

So once again Facebook has changed it’s format and I hate it so will be using my google+ much more and veering away from the former #1 social site. I am doing well at my job but looking forward to … Continue reading

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So first of all I decided not to get involved in managing any more buildings…really isn’t worth the stress and B.S. now that I have a full time job anyway. And I am loving things here being calm and really feeling like home. … Continue reading

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Life does get better

So my new job training is going awesome with me holding a 96% average and only 2 more weeks of training to go. Feeling really good about it also, I think this was a really good decision for me. As … Continue reading

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