Sunday is my day once again

Today I have big plans, I am taking an hr or so to work on the novel, well I say an hr or so but sometimes I do lose track of time when I start that venture so may be a little longer. If I don’t get carried away then I will go out with friends for lunch/dinner (depending on writing of course) and then an evening of crocheting and simple relaxation. Time to really dive into my interests now I don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else first or at all for that matter. As I am eating out I have no dinner to prepare and no extra cleaning or laundry so that leaves so much more time for me. And let’s face it I am number one (don’t tell the cat)

I am still in a moderate amount of pain from my head trauma the other night and my wrist and sprained toe are not helping with repetitive tasks but nothing I can’t power through.

I am going to have to get to the Foodland to get the ingredients for the pies for the pot-luck on Xmas day and of course I forgot milk too….always something. Am actually getting a little excited at the prospect of baking for friends and watching them enjoy the desserts I work so hard on. Going to be a good celebration for sure. Lots of good food, good music and great friends.

So will sign off and begin my day with a long hot shower, totally spoiling myself with the lavender mist I splurged on last week. Love lavender ❤



About bettywins3

I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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