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So the day before yesterday I won entry to a $108 tourney at an online poker site. I progressed to win $692.08 by coming in 7th. The first thought that came to me is that Karma visited me. You see … Continue reading

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Wonderful Day

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. I met my boss Z.M. who came from Kingston to see the buildings for the first time. He is happy with the job I am doing and seemed genuinely satisfied and even impressed with … Continue reading

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Snow Storm

So we had a blizzard last night and believe it or not after 3 hrs shovelling I only got 7 doorways cleared to the road, thank goodness that 2 younger tenants are clearing the rest for me and will be … Continue reading

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So as usual I am writing on the weekend as I most often do. Seems by the time I have time during the week I am too tired to think straight. This week was good until the end of it. … Continue reading

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On being me

So a lot of people that know me really don’t know me at all. I am pretty complicated it seems as even I cannot figure me out most of the time. I know that I like my job and my … Continue reading

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Hi There

so I haven’t posted for a week or so because I have simply been too darned busy. Yesterday was a brutal day as the bosses were being quite demanding via emails. They are not being so much demanding as just … Continue reading

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▶ Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – YouTube

▶ Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball – YouTube.

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