Things are good

Well it was really strange waking up without Shelby beside me and then to not have to jump up and walk her was doubly strange. I went for the morning walk anyway as I really enjoy the quiet of early morning before the hectic day. Looks like I may actually be going away for the weekend as I have been invited out of town by a gentlemen friend. I am being very honest with him that I am not looking to be with anyone specific right now and that I am still trying hard to regain the trust level I did have before J.V. It really isn’t an easy thing is it? But I have learnt and that is a good thing, I now run when any flags of distrust are waved. The first little lie even a lie by omission and I am gone. I am told it is ok to have a bad experience as long as we learn from it so I am going with that train of thought. I am back to where I am very content with my life again and am feeling no sadness or morose over the last few days. I have gotten out for lunch and some pool with the besty on Wednesday so will be good for me to get away from the building. I now have a reliable man to watch the buildings so do not fear going away for 2 days. I am not going that far anyway so if there is a problem I can be back here post haste. Wow so nice to be posting on the positive side of things……..I am actually fine and it only took 2 mths. Hooray for me! My heart finally listened to my head I guess. Wish it had done that before my bank account was depleted but maybe that is the way the cosmos decided to teach me this valuable lesson. I am slowly building the bank account and have no doubt it will be back to full form in a few mths. On July 5th a bunch of us are going to Windsor for a poker tournament so you never know I may top it up sooner than I expect to. Even if I get bumped out of the tourney without getting in the money I will have funds to sit at a table anyway. Yep things are looking good in my realm.


About bettywins3

Looking to expand my middle aged horizons in any way I can. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem.
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