When you least expect it.




In the last few weeks I have been spending time with a male friend whom I have known for about 10 yrs and lo and behold it appears that something may be blossoming between us. While chatting on-line the other day he expressed his feelings for me to my surprise and after talking about it we have both acknowledged the possibility of there being more than a friendship between us
. We have always enjoyed each others company and have had many a good conversation over the years as well as a game or two of backgammon which we both play fervently. I think at this point we are going to give it a go as they say although he understands my need to take things slowly after the last fiasco I called a relationship. We will see what transpires and I will certainly keep you up to date on the matter.

And on a  different note J. managed to lose yet another job, that is 5 in the year he has been here, on the plus side of that maybe he will sucker the latest fling into supporting his sorry ass and leave town and I can be free of that worry forever. Makes me sad however to watch him sink ever lower……..sigh. 


About bettywins3

I am beginning life anew with a new job and home. It may be an exciting and challenging voyage but always it brings joy, happiness and calm. I am always seeking out knowledge where-ever I may find it , I love learning even the most mundane things, I love watching TED and surfing the net , I google anything I don't know no matter how trivial it may seem. Never too late to expand our horizons!
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